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But, we will take an educated guess that it is most likely happening with some choose cards. The vintage card market is relatively thin, that means that for most aged examples, depending on the set after all, there’s restricted ‘supply’ for a particular card. Now, let’s say for example there are only 100 or so copies in existence of a specific card that trades for round $500. It wouldn’t be fully out of reach for someone with very deep pockets to nook round 20% of that exact card.

The Future Of Sports Cards

While I agree that these playing cards have potential to increase in value much more it looks like you listed cards which might be already properly out of most collectors value range already. The Big O practically invented the triple double statistic in the NBA when he became the first player ever in NBA history to average one in a season in . He was 12x All-Star, and altered the way the guard position was played during the period he performed. Robertson is thought to be one of many best NBA players off all-time.

With the internet bubble, the NASDAQ increased five fold from 1995 to 2000, only to see the market crash by seventy eight% until the Nasdaq trough in 2002. I was a broker during the dotcom bubble and to see the hysteria first hand was certainly a life-changing experience. Jordan’s Fleer rookie has been and can continue to be a fantastic investment piece, too.