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Explain 4 potential drawbacks to your country from receiving additional funding from multinational corporations. Select one properly-known multinational firm and clarify four benefits that this business gains from working multinationally. Explain the benefits and potential drawbacks to a business in Russia had been the nation to gain admission to the EU. Would the UK business sector benefit from the UK becoming a member of the eurozone?

Today, change in business just isn’t the exception however the rule – it has become an accelerating and ongoing course of. ‘Business as ordinary’ will become more and more uncommon as international, economic and technological upheavals necessitate a business response. Change management requires fi rms to be able to address dramatic one-off adjustments in addition to more gradual evolutionary change. Table eight.1 identifies some widespread exterior causes of change and techniques for managing them. Change is the continuous adoption of business methods and constructions in response to inside pressures or exterior forces.

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This internal progress strategy was supported by many of the directors. They believed that it had been achieved without extreme external borrowing. Sales income was increasing, however income have been unchanged for the final three years. First, new opponents have been entering the clothing market and driving down prices.

This could be strengthened with a merger with a status clothes retailer. Different businesses in numerous markets will usually decide on completely different methods for the longer term – despite the fact that general aims may be similar. Asda – number two grocery store chain in the UK – has selected the strategies of market penetration and product development to build sales progress.