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Types of Carcinogens You Thought are Safe

Carcinogens are those substances that are known to cause cancer. There is the need to know that the carcinogens could be in anything that you use on your daily life. There is the need to know that coming into contact with carcinogen does not mean that you are going to get cancer. There is the need to know that you can get cancer or not depending on your genetic makeup when you contact carcinogens. There is the need to learn about the following carcinogens that people thought are safe.

There is the need to start with tobacco. It is usually prepared from the tobacco plant and smoked in hookah pipes and cigarettes. There are a lot of people who still do not know that tobacco is a carcinogen. Studies show that those people who smoke tend to live ten years less than their nonsmoking counterparts. It is therefore important to consider stopping using tobacco if you want to live long.

The booze is another carcinogenic product that you need to be aware of. There is the need to know that breast, mouth, colorectal, liver and esophageal cancers are associated with alcohol consumption. There is the need to know that taking alcohol leads to the formation of acetaldehyde which metabolizes to form acetate. Consuming alcohol leads to accumulation of fats in the body which leads to obesity. Obesity has been known to lead to cancer and hence the need to be careful of consuming excess alcohol.

There is also the need to know that radon is carcinogenic. There is the need to know that radon is a common gas as it is in the air, water and also in the soil. Though not harmful in small amounts, in large amounts radon is carcinogenic. The technique that you use to deal with weeds in your farm like using roundup weed killer will expose you to this carcinogen.

There is also need to know that processed meat is carcinogenic. There is the need for you to understand that sausages, bacon, and lunch meat are carcinogenic. The fact that they contain nitrites or nitrates makes them cause cancer. The moment the nitrates in the named foodstuff is heated, it metabolizes to nitrosamines which are known to be carcinogenic.

There is the need to know about these examples of carcinogens that you previously thought were safe to take necessary measures. In case you have cancer and have been using these products, getting a personal injury attorney will be an important thing to do. There is the need to hire an attorney in case you think that using these products might have caused your cancer.

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