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The Latests of Farm to Table Food

With every passing year comes along new sets of foods, new ingredients and flavors and even new cooking and eating styles that tend to be highlighted and given much attention. So to say, foods of today tend to need a social media appeal to be widely accepted. In other words, they’ve got to be the foods worth of million likes and shares. But things are not so with farm to table food. It has converted itself to be a comprehensive, likeable and recommended style of cooking, dining, running a restaurant and living in general. But what is really the case with farm to table food this 2019? Find more about the trend in the farm to table food in the paragraphs below.

The Latests of Farm to Table Food

1. Oxtail and the Organ Meats

Social media-based reports say that more people are searching for oxtail recipes. This is quite sensible. Many of the American people nowadays are trying to trace up the roots and recognizing the very sources of their foods. For instance, butchering classes are now being opened to provide proper instruction on proper butchering, thereby ensuring that ethical standards are being adhered to. There are also food organizations that are discovering the nutritional value of oxtail and organ meats.

2. The Year of Fermented Foods

Fermented foods may not be a hit in the past decades but this year, consumers are observed to have a growing love for kefir, miso, pickles, kombucha and others of the sort. The truth cannot be denied that they are delicious. Whether you join them with other recipes or you take them solely, they are remarkably a friend to the taste buds. In addition to that, these foods are rich in probiotics making them commendable for those concerned about their digestive system. When it comes to fermentation, it is a process that helps reduce food wastage, utilizing the not-so-good-to-look-at parts of a food into a nutrient-rich item.

3. Less Popular Grains

Maybe you know or you don’t know of people who prefer to eat a diet free from wheat. And the big chance is they like to boast about this diet and the many benefits that it can give. Wheat and corn are the ones usually utilized when it comes to grains. But it is in this year that ancient grains can be given a chance to also shine. You can find so many cooks and chefs today, professional and popular, who make use of ancient grains like einkorn, rye, spelt, teff and kamut, amaranth, faro and several others into their menus. For food lovers out there, these ancient grains make breads that are friendly to the heart and porridges that don’t make you guilty of your health.